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Los Colored socks leave the city and work life to enter the world of beach, sun, heat and walk through the best summer parties. How does it do it? By betting on risky trends,combining them with shorts..

Bermudas that dare and shorten their length so we can show our whole physiognomy. Why shouldn’t we follow etiquette at a certain event if we’re required to do so?; if we know how to perfectly combine our colored socks with white shorts, for example, worn with a shirt, or T-shirt and jacket.

Thanks to fashion of course, there are no limits, you're the one who imposes your own style, because you trust in yourself, and always do things adequately. We know that the most modern, passionate men of fashion and latest trends have a sock fetish, and cannot resist wearing them year-round. Don’t worry, this summer you can add different types of styles to your look using socks. Do you like classic or summery styles? Feel free to combine your colored socks with rolled up shorts and a sailor jacket, fully adapting to the summer heat.

If you want to achieve is a more retro and urban style, there’s nothing better than combining soft blue socks with colored shorts. You'll always be impeccable wherever you go. It is far better to go for the short shorts and leave aside the ankle length garments.


Accessories are a very important visual point when we decide to go for less flashy, neutral-toned clothes. So, if you prefer to add a touch on your Ibizan look, feel free to break out with some powerful and daring lime socks with a white jacket.

Why are you still playing the tough-guy role?  Well, you can stop dreaming, because now you can be the toughest without the heat of having to show some leg. Would you like to? You can combine earth-colored socks to match your indomitable and sophisticated character. Put on your mountain boots, untie them discretely and show them a little, don’t be afraid.

There are countless ways to show your socks, choose your own style, and dive into your world, a world of style and color.


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